Countdown Till VVIP Showflat Launch

Promotional Rates When You Register Before 10 March 2018

As an incentive for early registrants of the upcoming The Tapestry Condo, you stand to qualify for as much as 3% early bird discounted rates when you book your viewing slot before the official preview launch date on 10 March 2018.

Simply fill in the form on this page to indicate your interest and an official developer appointed agent will contact you to schedule a session at your earliest convenience upon the launch. We're expecting a huge turnout at the showflat during the opening weekend, so do register early to secure your preferred unit.

From experience, choice units are those on the higher levels as well as ground floor units with closer access to the condo's huge range of facilities and other site features.

Benefits of Registering For VVIP Previews

As with every property launch, there are certain processes before buying a unit. If this is your first private property purchase, you'll definitely want to be prepared before coming down for the VVIP preview.

That being said, there are many reasons to register and secure your slot right now. You'll qualify for better rates and prices, and you get your pick of choice units from the entire pool of 861 units up for grabs.

To see why VVIP previews provide a huge advantage, you may first want to understand the 3 stages of a property launch better.

Stage 1. Before the Preview

At this stage, no one can make a purchase. However, as an interested buyer of the condo unit, you can gather as much information about the project and even complete your VVIP registration

This gives you more options and possibilities during the actual launch period.

Stage 2. VVIP Preview Period

This is the stage where registered buyer qualifies for special early bird discounts and developer prices. For The Tapestry in Tampines, you stand to get as much as 3% developer discount when you complete your registration during this initial launch period.

More important than the discount, early registrants get perhaps the biggest advantage at this stage... choice pick!

Ultimately, the goal of buying any property is to get the unit you want. And as one of the first few buyers of this condo, you get to select from the entire 7 blocks of units around the estate.

Stage 3. Public Launch

After the initial launch period, the remaining units will be open to the public. Prices generally start to increase at this stage, even after factoring in the developer prices, as there are lesser units to choose from, effectively reducing the remaining supply in the market.

There are the possibilities of waiting for aborted units and hoping it is a unit you prefer. However, from past transactions, such odds are slim and few. We therefore recommend serious buyers to quickly secure their registrations and qualify for the VVIP Specials while they're still available.