1 Main Door. 1 Common Area. 2 Separate Lives.

While seemingly a new concept to many first-time homeowners in Singapore, Dual-Key units have been gaining popularity with many newer private condominiums since the idea began in 2009. And there are many obvious reasons why this particular type of unit interest is growing with property developers and homeowners alike. After all, since the HDB first introduced a pilot version of this scheme in the 1980's, the policies has developed over the years and it has greatly improved for the better.

Here in Tampines, The Tapestry is offering just 30 dual-key units out of all 861 units within the entire estate. Within the condo's floor plans, these unique apartments are available for both the 4 bedroom layout as well as the larger 5 bed room layouts. Making it perfect for families needing extra space around the house while still aiming to capitalise heavily on the potential rental yield the unit brings for its owner.

Over an beyond simply converting the apartment into a typical dual-key condo layout, homeowners have found other possible arrangements to maximise on the structure and possibilities.

The Rich Versatility Dual-Key Condo Units Deliver

Perhaps the biggest advantage many homeowners (and investors) enjoy from the dual-key units is the ability to legally avoid the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) liability. Buyers with the intention to lease or rent out a unit will instantly reap huge savings just from skipping the ABSD alone.

As a result, property developers are seeing a huge interest in these type of units as it allows buyers with the option for double tenancy.

Even if a homeowner isn't looking to rent out the unit or to stay with an elderly parent (one of the original purpose of the scheme) there are still plenty of other possibilities and layouts to consider. Listed below are some common arrangements.

Main OccupantSecondary OccupantFunction
FamilyElderly Parent(s)For families staying together with their elderly parent(s) but still want their privacy
FamilySmall Office Home Office (SOHO)When either of the family member runs a home office outfit
FamilyTenantFor families looking to earn an additional income stream renting out a unit
Tenant 1Tenant 2Increases rental prospects with the possibility to rent to different tenants

Note: For SOHO layout, homeowners are required to first register for the Home Office Scheme with URA. Anyone besides the homeowner will need to obtain a written consent from the owner before applying.

Amazing Opportunities At The Tapestry

Given that the Tampines Masterplan is still in its early stages, you can expect many more amazing developments from Singapore's first regional centre. It makes The Tapestry Condo an already tremendously good investment for homeowners and investors alike. And with the introduction of the dual-key units to the Tampines private condominium scene, these possibilities have gotten way better.

(Especially since, owners of Executive Condominiums dual-key units are restricted for multi-generational families only.)

A common way of structuring these units is to include a studio apartment with the larger apartment. These two different apartments will then share a common area from the main door. But beyond that, each apartment has its own lock and door, and behind them, two completely separate lives. Giving homeowners greater flexibility especially for those looking to rent out their spare room.

If you're considering either the 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom dual-key units, speak to our designated representative to learn more about the layout and the range of possibilities available for you. Or schedule an appointment to be one of the first to visit our official showflat preview.