52 Amazing Condo Facilities at The Tapestry

The Tapestry promises to deliver to its residents all the usual condo facilities you love and even more. After all, the goal of the developer is to make The Tapestry Condo one of the most affordable condominium for people living in the east. And that means having access to many great features with all the nearby and attractive amenities Tampines town delivers to its residents.

Within the site plan are facilities like your 50m lap pool, your BBQ grills, your palm garden, eco-pool, sunbathing deck, showers, and many other features you weren't expect as well. As an added surprise, young families will be pleased to learn, The Tapestry will house its own childcare centre unit within the condo itself. Perfect for leaving the kids there and getting some well-deserved alone time.

See the full legend of exciting facilities only available at this plot of land formerly known as Tampines Ave 10 Parcel C which will now forever be known as the The Tapestry Condo. A unique condominium tailored for the residents living in Tampines.

Site Plan Legend

Explore the upcoming amazing condo facilities specially designed and tailored for the residents at The Tapestry at Tampines Ave 10.

Living in the northern part of Tampines Town has just gotten a major upgrade with these 52 amazing facilities and even a planned place of worship right next to the condo.

Explore All 10 Exciting Zones + A Childcare Centre

Enjoy these thoughtful residential services, specially designed with each and every resident in mind. Whether you need housekeeping after a weekend party, a private chef to host a dinner, or  even transportation services to get around Tampines, the friendly residential services host at The Tapestry have got you covered.

Arrival Court

1. Guardhouse

2.Welcome Lobby

3. Waiting Lounge

4. Sculpture

5. Reflective Pool

6. Garden Niche with Bench

7. Covered Walkway

8. Entrance Feature

9. Side Gate

Club Tapestry

10. Gathering Place

11.Dining with Gourmet Kitchen

12. The Alfresco

13. Restrooms


Club Tapestry

14. Central lawn

15. Arbour Walk

16. Palm Garden

17. Cosy Lounge

18. Hammock Lounge

19. Gourmet Pavilion with BBQ Grill

20. Poolside Lounge

21. Changing Rooms with Steam Bath


Aqua Zone

23. 100m Infinity Pool

24. 50m Lap Pool

25. Pool Deck

26. Poolside Cabana

Social Patio

27. Jets Pool

28. Lounge Deck

29. Social Pavilion with Teppanyaki and BBQ Grill

Hydro Veranda

30. Hydrotherapy Pool

31. Cozy Cabana

32. Scented Garden

Enchanted Garden

33. Community Culinary Garden

34. Garden Pavilion with BBQ Grill

35. Viewing Deck

36. Eco-Pond

37. Boardwalk

Kids Exploer

38. Adventure Playground

39. Adventure Play Pool

40. Sun Deck

41. Leisure Cabin

42. Changing Room

43. Palm Alcove

Fitness Court

44. Jogging Trail

45. Sunken Tennis Court (Access via Basement Level)

46. Fitness Station

47. Multi-Purpose Court

48. Fitness Pavilion with Gourmet Cooking Station

Pets Cabin

49. Pets Washing Bay

50. Pets Play

51. Pets Pavilion

Basement Level

52. Childcare Centre