The Units at a Glance

Just looking at the floor plan, it's easy to see why The Tapestry offers both homeowners and investors plenty of options. With over 800 apartment units available, you'll definitely be able to find a layout that suits your family or investment needs.

TAKE NOTE: unit sizes displayed below are estimates and are subjected to change upon project development commencement. Full list of floor plans and actual unit distribution will be made available soon.

LayoutNo. of UnitsSize (sqft)Size (sqm)
1 Bedroom120 Units441 sqft41 sqm
1 Bedroom + Study (Including Ensuite Study)149 Unitsfrom 474 sqftfrom 44 sqm
2 Bedroom206 Unitsfrom 603 sqftfrom 56 sqm
2 Bedroom + Study29 Unitsfrom 689 sqftfrom 64 sqm
2 Bedroom Premium59 Unitsfrom 700 sqftfrom 65 sqm
3 Bedroom148 Unitsfrom 926 sqftfrom 86 sqm
3 Bedroom Premium + Flex90 Unitsfrom 1130 sqftfrom 105 sqm
4 Bedroom30 Unitsfrom 1432 sqftfrom 133 sqm
4 Bedroom (Dual Key)15 Unitsfrom 1485 sqftfrom 138 sqm
5 Bedroom (Dual Key)15 Unitsfrom 1765 sqftfrom 164 sqm

A Closer Look At The Unique Unit Mix & Layout

The units at The Tapestry are unique as interested buyers can choose between 1 bedroom layout (great for investors) right up to the 5 bedroom layouts (great for families). But what makes this development even more special are the range of choices within each layout bringing together 11 different layout and choices for a wide range of options and possibilities.

There is bound to be a layout that suits your individual needs. And we haven't even started talking about the amazing condo facilities within the site.

  • All
  • + Study
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Dual Key
  • Premium
Type A1 units layout

1 Bedroom A1

Type A2S units layout

1 Bedroom A2S Ensuite Study

Type A3S units layout

1 Bedroom A3S Study

Type B1 units layout

2 Bedroom B1

Type B2 units layout

2 Bedroom B2

Type B3S units layout

2 Bedroom B3S Study

Type B4P units layout

2 Bedroom B4P Premium

Type C1 units layout

3 Bedroom C1(p)

Type C1(d) units layout

3 Bedroom C1(d)

Beyond The Apartments

When it comes to Singapore condominiums, The Tapestry at Tampines Avenue 10 is considered a unique condo as it comes with 11 different apartment layouts (including the 1 bedroom ensuite study layout) spread out among its 7, 15-storey blocks around the estate. 

The smaller units are perfect for investors looking for rental yields in the long term as the condo is located near many of Tampines' business parks. This makes it convenient for tenants to grab a bus or even cycle to work given the close proximity of the condo. But that's not all, The Tapestry is also within a few minutes drive to Tampines Central. Making it a highly coveted place for white collared office people as well. With such close proximity to the Tampines Regional Centre, renting out a unit becomes much easier for investors.

The larger units are great for families looking to settle down in a great condo in the Eastern part of Singapore. Tampines is a great place for families as it houses many well-known schools for all ages. There are many primary schools, secondary schools, and Temasek Polytechnic is nearby as well.

And if you're a homeowner thinking of earning from rental as well, you're in luck. With the dual key units, you can easily choose to settle your family in, while renting out a room for investment purposes. It's really the best of both worlds.