Buying a Condo in Singapore

Owning a condo unit is a symbol of affluence and luxury in Singapore. And it is a natural impression given the premium status pegged by the cost of owning even one of these units.

But for those who have the financial means to afford a luxurious units, such as The Tapestry Condo, you have every reason to take pride in your purchase and your upgrade in lifestyle.

To help first-time condo owners, we've included references to websites with useful information, products and services to make shifting in a much simpler process.

Handling the Administrative Issues First

Even before you can shift in, there are a few critical things to take care of first. If you're engaging a contractor to make some edits to your condo unit, sometimes, they may be able to assist you with some administrative stuff.

But in most cases, it is always a good practice to familiarise yourself with the legal requirements and the documents you have to get ready before you start moving in.

Calculating Your Loan Amount

At this stage, we're assuming you've already done your sums and know how much loan you need or can take up. If you're not too sure, do arrange a session with any of our appointed agents who will be happy to assist you.

Alternatively, there are numerous educational property guides online for calculating your loan amount.

One other thing to take note of is the prevailing tax rates for property ownership in Singapore. If you're a foreigner, you are also subjected to the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) which can be a significant amount for larger units.

Setting Up Your Utilities Account

Another important step is to make sure you've settled your utilities account as this is critical for your day-to-day activities. Be prepared to head down to HDB hub in Toa Payoh to set up an account with Singapore Powers. It might be a little of a hassle but it is necessary unless you don't want water for your showers, basins and taps, and (most importantly) toilet bowls.

Seek Professional Advice

Finally, if you're ever unsure about what to do, never be afraid to seek an expert opinion, especially with the critical administrative documentations. That's one of the reasons why most first-time property buyers will engage a certified property agent to manage the entire process for them. More so with HDB upgraders who are in the midst of selling their existing HDB and using the funds to make the down payment for the condo.

Settling Your Condo Apartment

With the basic fundamentals out of the way, the next thing to focus on are the fun aspect of owning your own place... Interior decor and furnishings.

When you purchase any of our The Tapestry units, they come furnished with beautiful designs and our Smart Home appliances. But for the homeowner who want to take their interior decor a notch higher, we've included several references below.

Home Cabinets

If you're looking for beautiful and versatile cabinets to put around your unit, then explore some of the latest cabinet furniture designs from World Mall Cabinets. They stock their online inventory with a wide range of cabinets with unique series like their Maronne and Aperto. It's a great starting point for those needing an extra bookshelf or a TV console in the living room.

Got Ideas for a Kitchen Renovation?

While we pride ourselves on our beautiful kitchen designs, we understand some home owners prefer to make some changes to the layout or wishes to replace a kitchen top or perhaps the oven with a model they like. Engaging a reliable kitchen renovation contractor is a recommended practice as they have the experience to help you bring your ideas to life. Always look for a contractor that provides both the renovation and installation services to avoid any future headaches.

Moving Your Furniture

For families who want to bring over some furniture they love, we also recommend looking for a professional mover to wrap and carry over bulky items. If you're bring items over from overseas, an international mover with local contacts will make the process much more enjoyable and smoother as well.

Cleaning The Apartment Up

Naturally, before you can settle into your new home, you will need to tidy up the place first. Especially with the bits and pieces of residual dust from the construction. In such instances, hiring an experienced cleaning company to take this headache away from you is always a great option. For homeowners who love carpets or rugs around the house, we do recommend finding carpet cleaning professionals that can handle both aspects and make your job much easier.

Interior Design Inspiration

Sometimes, getting ideas for your home design can be difficult. After all, you want it to look perfect as you're going to be staying here for at least a few years. In such situations, we encourage interested buyers to tap on the experience of professional interior design experts in Singapore to provide their advice.